Titanium Fiber Cotton TFC Elite



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TFC is finally here and it's fast growing in popularity for a good reason.
TFC cotton is processed through 17 stages, producing high quality cotton without the slightest impurity. This 100% Organic Cotton blend is easily saturated; its dense fibers significantly expand to freely soak in liquid. With little to no break in period, you can literally wick a fresh build, give it a drip or squonk, and vape away.

When using TFC you will benefit from fast even absorption, 100% flavor from 100% pure organic cotton.

Don't miss your chance to try this amazing and innovative cotton!

Package contents:
2 rolls per tin (approximately 1 meter in total)

TFC Elite

Why this Elite is so different with the previous version?

- Titanium Fiber Cotton was designed to be the ultimate cotton.
- It undergoes 17 processes before packaging, ensuring the best quality cotton on the market today.
- Elite is being made as an answer and improvement based on customer’s needs.
- Thicker and more solid compare to the previous version.
- Elite has more heat resistance and longer durability.
- Has more length from 1.2 meter and now 1.6 meter.
- Weightier than previous version for sure.
- Packaged in a metal tub which aims at supporting the structure of the cotton during transportation.

Customer Reviews

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TFC Elite

Pretty good cotton. Certainly an improvement on the previous version of the same brand. Works well with dessert flavours, and does not split at high wattage

TFC Elite

No break in time. Especially well suited to fruit / menthol flavors but works great with deserts too.

TFC elite

This is a great by , no break in time and easy to work with , no cotton aftertaste and comes in a re sealable round tin . great for everyday wicking

Best Cotton for RTA’s

TFC is hands down the best cotton I have used in a RTA. So easy to work with, super soft and absorbent, flavour is excellent! Can be used in RDA’s and RTA’s but really shines in a RTA.
Get some, you won’t be sorry!

Best Cotton Available

TFC Elite cotton, very easy to work with, it wicks like a dream, price is abit pricy compared to your regular cotton bacon etc but totally work the price. I definitely wont be buying any other brand of cotton anytime soon