The Coil Company - Nano Framed Staple (4x0.4/2x29g/40g)

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4x0.4 Ribbon Cores with 2x29g gauge Frames and 40 gauge fuse

Ribbon wire cores, round wire Frames and High gauge Fuse provides a coil with big surface area that equals to big flavour and even bigger clouds. Each Framed Staples are hand-crafted to perfection, by our Master Coil Builder. Build to the highest of standards, utilizing imported wire by Kidney Puncher.


Standard Option: 6 Wrap – 3mm ID

Single – 0.22-0.25
Dual – 0.10-0.13

Coils are thoroughly inspected and cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner

Beautifully Packaged in sets of two in our signature Glass lid tin with a Strand Cotton Bacon Prime 

Best for: Flavor and clouds

Made using only high quality wire by Kidney Puncher Nichrome

Price is for a set of coils (2 coils)


WARNING: When pulsing any Coil Company coils, start at around 10-20 watts and work your way up as they will melt due to the nature of the wire

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Brilliant coils!