The Coil Company - 6 Wrap Alien Clapton (3x26g/36g)

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3x26g gauge and 36 gauge Alien fuse

The original, Authentic "Alien"! These coils are everywhere now, !!!!but we believe ours are superior to the competition because of both the quality of the wire itself, and the obsessive attention to detail. Our Alien coils provide amazing flavor and juice saturation. You will not be disappointed!!!!!! Each of our Alien Clapton Framed Staples are hand-crafted to perfection, by our Master Coil Builder. Build to the highest of standards, utilizing imported wire by Kidney Puncher.


Standard Option: 6 Wrap – 3mm ID -
Single – 0.24-0.26
Dual – 0.11-0.13

Coils are thoroughly inspected and cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner

Beautifully Packaged in sets of two in our signature Glass lid tin with a Strand Cotton Bacon Prime 

Best for: Flavor and clouds

Made using only high quality wire by Kidney Puncher Nichrome

Price is for a set of coils (2 coils)


WARNING: When pulsing any Coil Company coils, start at around 10-20 watts and work your way up as they will melt due to the nature of the wire

Customer Reviews

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Wow wow wow

Impeccable work by the coil company. The best thing since slice bread lol every vaper should have a set of these aliens

The best aliens... EVER

Simply the best aliens out there! Works absolutely amazing in single coil setups

Arshad Ishmail
Aliens are here

Always heard about them but never managed to get my hands on them. What beautiful and gorgeous these are. Flavour bamgers!!!