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Strawb™ is back baby! This time around we are treating your taste buds to some nostalgic goodness. Take a bowl of your favorite fruity cereal loops and pour over some of the best strawberry milk!

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Juice Name: Strawb
Manufactured By: Northern Craft Vapes
Flavour Profile: Fruity Cereal Loops with Strawberry Milk
Packaging: 2 x 30ml Glass bottle with dripper or 120ml Glass Bottle with dripper.
PG/VG Ratio: 70VG/30PG

My Opinion and Tasting Experience

Strawb was successfully launched on the 2nd of August 2018. Making it a brand new juice on the market but it is making quite the buzz.

The 60ml option is packed in a nice convenient box with 2 x 30ml bottles (you know His and Hers lol). The bottle itself is white with black text and a shocking pink mark. Truly haven’t seen packaging like this before and it is conspicuous.

With the finger tasting test you can taste the fruity loops and a strong strawberry milky flavour. Not too fruity, not too milky. It is just right.

Upon vaping, it just gets better and better. Smooth, fruity taste with a perfectly balanced creamy strawberry flavour on exhale.

It took me back quite a few years to my very younger years when I was visiting my grandparents in the Karoo for school holidays and I always had fruit loops for breakfast and drinking up the flavoured milk afterwards, saving the best for last.

Little Tip:
The flavour comes through a lot better on an RDA on low wattage.

Will I buy a bottle again? Yes.