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A delicious candy coated chocolate egg with a jelly centre! Speckled goodness!

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Carin Poolman
One of my favorites

I am on love with this flavor!! I love speckled eggs and I seriously love this juice!!

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Juice Name: Apex
Manufactured By: Northern Craft Vapes
Flavour Profile: Speckled Eggs
Packaging: 60ml Glass Bottle with Dripper
PG/VG Ratio: 30PG/70VG

This juice was sent to me from Mike at NCV for review purposes. This review was done on the 60ml 3mg.

My Opinion and Tasting Experience

The bottle comes packaged in a nifty little box and both designs on the box and bottle differ. The bottle is white with Apex written in gold with all other necessary information in black. The box on the other hand is very colourful, with an egg outline and speckles (which you won't see unless you turn the box on an angle) and then the colour represent the colours on the average sweets. On the box itself you also get a flavour profile and all necessary information.

With the finger tasting test I an almost 100% match to the physical sweet's taste. And yes, I did go buy a pack of speckled eggs to compare it to. Absolutely yummy, no throat irritation.

With inhale I was really expecting an oversweet taste of the flavour, but to my surprise it is not oversweet at all. I think the balance is really good. The taste of the speckled eggs is not comprised at all on inhale.

With exhale, the flavour leaves your palate gracefully and the taste is still the same as on inhale which is very nice for me who doesn't like sweets or desserts.

I prefer this flavour more on the Wasp than the Dpro, but it's good on both RDA's and the tank as well. It is sadly not an ADV for me, but I will be keeping this bottle close for when the sweet tooth decides to kick in.

Just a side note, don't close the bottle too tightly as you will struggle to get it open again.

Would I buy a bottle again? I don't know yet.