Esheli - MSL - 60ml

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A bold blend of ripe mango, succulent strawberry and sublime lychee. Simply delicious.

MSL details:

  • Comes in 60ml genuine Chubby Gorilla bottles with box
  • 70% VG
  • 30% PG

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    Juice Name: MSL
    Manufactured By: Esheli
    Flavour Profile: Mango, Strawberry, Lychee
    Packaging: 60ml Easy Dripper
    PG/VG Ratio: 30PG/70VG

    My Opinion and Tasting Experience

    This juice was sent to me from Erich (Esheli) for review purposes. Review was done on the 3mg.

    The label is plain, yet it is very striking at the same time. White background with black edges and bold text showing you exactly what this is. It also gives you all the necessary information. This is also packaged in a nice little box with the same type of branding.

    With the finger tasting test it is an absolute explosion of the flavours. You get the sweet lychee, followed by the mango and strawberry. This one wowed me just by the finger tasting.

    Upon inhale you get the taste of the ripe mango, sassy strawberry and the oh so sweet lychee dancing away on your palate. Blended to perfection.

    With exhale you get the exact same flavour profile. Mango, strawberry and the sweetness of the lychee. I can't find any difference between inhale and exhale.

    It also has powerful vapour production.

    You guys know that little juice boxes that you always had packed in your school lunch packs? This is about the closest that I can describe the taste that you get.

    There is not much difference between vaping this flavour in a tank and vaping it on an RDA. I do prefer it in the RDA to get the most out of the flavours. If you like fruity flavours this one is for you.

    It is truly a magnificent juice and I would recommend it 100%. I also sent a little skimp to Erich to get this bad boy produced in an icy version as well. Now that would absolutely blow my mind.

    Would I buy a bottle again? No doubt about it.