Emissary Elixirs - TempestICE - 60ml

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A refreshing glass of tropical fruit punch with notes of creamy guava, grapefruit, litchi and vibrant pineapple. Now on ICE.

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Shonay Hiralall
It's nice, but not my all-day vape

It's a great juice, but doesn't quite have as much flavour as I'd hoped. It's not bad at all, but not super great either. It's just nice.

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Juice Name: Tempest Ice
Manufactured By: Emissary Elixirs
Flavour Profile: Delicious fruits with a kick of ice.
Packaging: 60ml Easy Dripper
PG/VG Ratio: 30PG/70VG

This juice was sent to me from Emissary Elixirs for review purposes.

My Opinion and Tasting Experience

The label needs to be studied a bit more carefully as you won't see on the first glance exactly what is on it. You can see exactly what the name is and all other relevant information.

The full flavour description of this juice is : "A simple yet refreshing blend of tropical fruit punch with notes of tart grapefruit, litchi, vibrant pineapple and other fruits with a kick of ice."

With the finger tasting test I get a very strong ice taste mixed with tropical fruits, the menthol does overpower the other flavours with this test, but it also doesn't irritate your throat.

Inhaling is an icy kick of fruit flavour, I get a tropical mix blended with light litchi, sweet pineapple and a bit of guava.

With exhale the fruit flavour mix leaves your palate first leaving you with only the cool ice on your palate. No overpowering between the flavours and the ice balances the flavour off nicely.

With this tricky mix of flavours, I have to say I am really liking this one. I do prefer this one in the tank.

Would I buy a bottle again? I am not sure.