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 "A rich, vanilla-infused rice pudding, garnished with vibrant slices of Thai mango and other exotic fruits, and finished with lashings of coconut cream."

‘Khanage’ is a tantalising triple-threat that combines exotic fruits, silken creams, blended into an exotic rice pudding.


60ml Chubby Gorilla

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Juice Name: Khanage
Manufactured By: Emissary Elixirs
Flavour Profile: Thai mango, creamed rice, coconut cream
Packaging: 60ml easy dripper bottle
PG/VG Ratio: 30 PG / 70 VG

This juice was sent to me from Emissary Elixirs for review purposes.

My Opinion and Tasting Experience

This is a mean looking label, with what seems like an aggrevated panda. You can not miss the name and I am sure by now everyone knows Khanage. As this is one of those juices that mostly everyone recommends.

Thai mango crowned the king of fruits for its irresistible floral aroma and sweet. Packed with the sweet, floral, nutty flavour of coconut milk. And then we have the creamy rice aka rice pudding. This is a dangerous combination, and I am sure that it took a lot of time to perfect this blend.

With the finger tasting you will find mostly tastes of the ripe mango and the creamy rice 'pudding effect', no hints of coconut are found by my taste buds.

With inhaling you get the nice creamy flavour with small hints of coconut, I can't seem to find the mango flavour upon inhaling.

What I like about the juice is that with exhale, you get the sweet mango and creamy flavour, followed by a dash of coconut. Not the overpowering, and the blend is really good.

I have tasted my fair share of coconut, and too much can ruin a juice completely. But I have to say, because the traces are minimal this juice can actually grow on me. I prefer using the juice in the RDA.

Currently, in my opinion I would vape this juice on occasion. It is really not a juice that I would use as an all day vape, for me personally.

Will I buy a bottle again? I doubt it.