Centurion Vapes - Butterscotch Brulee - 60ml

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Butterscotch Brulee is a truly decadent dessert vape consisting of a rich Butterscotch base topped with a layer of caramel, like the physical desert this needs some heat to complete, so turn up the watts and enjoy!

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Butterscotch Brulee

A nice smooth vape , the butterscotch is a nice lingering taste . Wiii I buy it again .YES

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Juice Name: Butterscotch Brulee
Manufactured By: Esheli
Flavour Profile: Rich Butterscotch base topped with a layer of caramel
Packaging: 60ml Easy Dripper
PG/VG Ratio: 30PG/70VG

This juice was sent to me from Erich at @Esheli for review purposes.

My Opinion and Tasting Experience

Plain and simple label with an image of a yummy looking brulee and some butterscotch sweets. The name stands out a lot and all the information that you will need is on the bottle.

With the finger tasting test I a decent flavour release of butterscotch, followed by a minimal caramel taste and it does irritate my throat a bit.

With inhale I was at first very surprised that I got the taste of tobacco, but I confirmed no tobacco just your typical sweet caramelized sugar with a blend of butterscotch.

With exhale, there is not much difference in taste except pure sweetness and the dark caramelized sugar comes through a lot.

I am not a big fan of dessert vape juices, this one tastes fantastic but it's sadly not an ADV for me. If you are a dessert lover, give this one a go and let me know your thoughts.

This one needs some heat to complete, so turn up the watts and enjoy!

Would I buy a bottle again? Nope.