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Evolv DNA Replacement Color Screen

Dna screen

Best service from vape den awesome products at an awesome price to vaping community

Chunky coils for Zeus x

The coils are too big and chunky. It’s a waste of money.

The Shake Down - Strawberry Stick up - 120ml

Juggerknot rta

Really love this product

Hiccup resolved

Excellent store! I have had 1 small hiccup with Vape Den but they have resolved the issue so quickly and professionally that all i can do is applaud their brilliance!
Great service and Great staff!!
I will definitely buy again.
All my praise goes to Mariaan... excellent, EXCELLENT service!!

QP Design - Juggerknot V2
Yannick Albertus

Extremely happy with the service I received. QP always top quality.

SMOK - Nord / Novo Lanyard

Billet Box in Alive - DNA60

Glad I bought the DNA60 and had it fitted into my Billet Box.
Billet Box is 100% operational again.

SMOK - Nord 2 Kit
Austin Ndyetabula
Great device, good service from Vape Den

Received the kit a bit later than expected (to be fair, I ordered on the Eve of Christmas). Device works great, and the owner was approachable about the delays in shipping. So overall a great experience!

M25 fatality

I'm a massive qp fan I love my m25 fatality one of the best tanks ever made. So bought my wife one too she loves it. Awesome service from Vape Den will definitely recommend

DNA Colour Screen

Great service & speedy delivery.

Screen was easy to remove and replace with the new one. Works 100%


I used to order my replacement screens directly from Evolve in the US as there were no local retailers that stocked it in the past. Evolve no longer does these sales of their boards and screens to the public due to changes in their local laws.

I was devastated when my ZQ Essent had its screen go faulty. I did a hopeful search to find a company in RSA that perhaps has the screens in stock. VapeDen did! I was so excited I ordered two.

Their delivery was fantastic and updates were awesome! Instead of waiting till Monday to get the product they delivered on Saturday morning.

Product is as expected and described, installed and working flawlessly, breathing new life into what would have been an obsolete vape.


SMOK - Nord 2 Kit
Thabelo Shavhani

SMOK - Nord 2 Kit

QP Design - Juggerknot V2

Excellent service.

Fast delivery.

BEST RTA On the Market!

Got my Jug V2 from Vape Den and I must say I am super happy with it! Quick delivery and effortless purchase! Thanks Guys and Gals!! :)

Lekker tank!

Baie lekker tank!

Try it for yourself.

Its quite nice.

Quite a nice flavour to it.

One of the BEST RTAs out There!!

Needed some more QP Design love and ordered a Juggy V2! Super fast delivery! Thanks Vape Den! 👍

Explosion - Raspberry Juice - 120ml

Evolv DNA Replacement Color Screen
Anton (DarthBranMuffin)
Evolv DNA Replacement Color Screen

Having broken a DNA Color Screen before and had to import one a while back, I am so glad that Vape Den brought stock in again. Even though I don't need one right now, it is always good to have one as spare for those "in case of emergency" days... And the good thing with the DNA screens, they just slot and snap into place with minimal effort, super easy to replace. Thanks Vape Den for your efficient service as well!

Evolv DNA Replacement Color Screen

DNA Screen

Good day,
I just received my new dna screen, it works perfectly. I have been waiting so long for you to get them in stock again. Just wanted to say thank you!
Kind regards,
Franco smit