We currently have 2 loyalty tiers, they are as follows:

Tier 1:
1 points for every R 1 spent (excludes shipping price)

VIP Tier:
4 points for every R 3 spent (33% more points)
- Enters when 10000 points earned in the past year


Earning reward points are simple, below are examples:

Create an account
Get 200 points for creating an account.

Completing profile
Get 20 points for giving us your details, like gender and birthday.

Member birthday
Get 1500 points on your birthday.

Referring friends
Get 1000 points when your friend makes their first purchase.

Liking on Facebook
Get 250 points when you like our Facebook page.

Following on Instagram
 250 points when you follow us on Instagram.

Sharing on Facebook
Get 100 points once you have successfully shared our store on Facebook.

Product Reviews
Get 100 points when you review a product.

After you have accrued enough points, you can use them to buy discount codes, and they cost the following:

1000 points
Cash Value: R75.00
Cash back percentage: 7.5% for Tier 1 or 9.98% for VIP.

2500 points
Cash Value: R200.00
Cash back percentage: 8.0% for Tier 1 or 10.64% for VIP

5000 points
Cash Value: R450.00
Cash back percentage: 9.0% for Tier 1 or 11.97% for VIP 


You can access all of this information on the rewards tab at the bottom left of your screen. 

Please also note, that discounted orders and sale items will not receive any loyalty points!