Reminiscent of those green taffy strips and your favorite green fizzy drink.
Limited edition famous blue milk, but chilled, double thick tko blue milk limited 120ml_sp_1719991533686
Introducing the new Collaboration between Flawless USA and Creamy Clouds! The All American Diner Series: A Gourmet Caramel...
Strawberry, Naartjie, Litchi, Vanilla and 18 others on Ice compliment this ensemble of sensual flavors.
Icy Lime perfect for that hot summers day.
Value Vape - Lime Milkshake - 50ml
A Delicious Lime Milkshake - the perfect combination of creamy and tangy Our high quality ValueVape eLiquid made...
The sweet, rich yet creamy taste from the Bubblegum Milkshake E-Liquid will bring back sweet childhood memories. You’ll...
Puffy Puffs - Cola Toffee - 60ml
Puffy Puffs is back with yet another titan candy offering!This all-time fan favourite, smashes into your face, with...
A poolside cocktail of delicious summer fruits packed into a watermelon punch bowl. Poolside’s citrus-litchi-kiwi-strawberry-watermelon crush is fresh...
A refreshing frozen fruit smoothie, with notes of sweet mango, pink tart guava, litchi and creamy papaya.
Fruit Labz - Sumting Sweet - 120ml
R 350.00R 220.00
Take a trip to your favorite tropical destination. Smell the summer breeze with lingering wafts of sweet summery watermelon...
FLIP – Fizzy lemonade infused with passion, peach and pineapple.
R 235.00
R 3.91 per ml
R 299.00
R 2.49 per ml
R 195.00
R 3.25 per ml
R 235.00
R 3.91 per ml
R 215.00
R 3.58 per ml
R 70.00
R 1.40 per ml
R 120.00
R 2.40 per ml
R 195.00
R 3.25 per ml
R 195.00
R 3.25 per ml
R 210.00
R 3.50 per ml
R 350.00 R 220.00
R 1.83 per ml
R 340.00
R 3.40 per ml