Think of a luxurious, delicious and crunchy biscuit that is rich in flavour with a smooth and silky...
Choose your own path with this highly affordable e-liquid that's. A smooth tobacco and a smooth, natural top...
Get ready to take a bite of a rich graham cracker sandwich with warm marshmallow and smooth chocolate...
HYP - Chocolate Milkshake - 60ml
R 130.00R 90.00
We sourced the best chocolate flavour we could find and added it to a creamy milky blend to...
A delicious candy coated chocolate egg with a jelly centre! Speckled goodness!
Sweet Creamy Vanilla ice cream blended with chocolate wafer cookie and white cream filling.  Our high quality ValueVape...
Mint ice cream loaded with chocolate chips on a crunchy sugar cone. 
Mystic Nectar - Princess Snowflake (LIMITED!) - 30ml
A LIMITED EDITION TREAT! She tells us a story of the wind and the night, and a chocolate cupcake so white, that snow itself...
Mystic Nectar - Lunar Fox (LIMITED!) - 30ml
5 different chocolates 4 different nuts 3 different creams 2 different caramels 1 very unique experience
Chocolate Tobacco E-liquid by Element NS (nic salts) is an earth Tobacco paired up with a smooth chocolate for a sweet...
A decadent vape to tease your taste buds. Rich layers of chocolate combined with sweet pastry, gives you the perfect ready...
Inspired by the after dinner mint, this flavorful chocolate is sharpened by crisp mint, ending with a touch...
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R 4.16 per ml
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R 1.50 per ml
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