Milk Chocolate, Caramel & Nougat!An incredibly delicious and mouthwatering chocolate bar flavor! A collaboration between Vape Fuel & Vapour...
Get ready to take a bite of a rich graham cracker sandwich with warm marshmallow and smooth chocolate...
Chocolate Tobacco E-liquid by Element NS (nic salts) is an earth Tobacco paired up with a smooth chocolate for a sweet...
Sweet Creamy Vanilla ice cream blended with chocolate wafer cookie and white cream filling.  Our high quality ValueVape...
Choose your own path with this highly affordable e-liquid that's. A smooth tobacco and a smooth, natural top...
HYP - Chocolate Milkshake - 60ml
We sourced the best chocolate flavour we could find and added it to a creamy milky blend to...
Mint ice cream loaded with chocolate chips on a crunchy sugar cone. 
Think of a luxurious, delicious and crunchy biscuit that is rich in flavour with a smooth and silky...
Mystic Nectar - Lunar Fox (LIMITED!) - 30ml
5 different chocolates 4 different nuts 3 different creams 2 different caramels 1 very unique experience
Mystic Nectar - Princess Snowflake (LIMITED!) - 30ml
A LIMITED EDITION TREAT! She tells us a story of the wind and the night, and a chocolate cupcake so white, that snow itself...
A delicious candy coated chocolate egg with a jelly centre! Speckled goodness!
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