Fake e-juice is popping up everywhere now. You might have encounter some yourself. There’s no point sugar-coating this. Fake e-juices are dangerous, both to the industry and yourself.


Why the fake e-juice is
dangerous to you?

Unknown ingredients

They are not using pharmaceutical grade nicotine. The additives and flavors are not held to a high standard as produced by reputable companies.

Potentially harmful to your health

This goes without saying, as evident from the usage of poor quality ingredients and questionable standard of production.

May damage your equipment

Low standard liquid react with your equipment in non-predictable way as they’re not throughly tested.

Potential fire hazard

They may burn more rapidly and affect the wick and head of your equipment which also results in poor taste.


How to identify fake e-juice?

There are several ways you can find out if your product is real or fake from its outlook and characteristic . There is a huge difference between the real and fake product. Nasty have made all of their products to differentiate them from counterfeit products.

1. Packaging Material

We don’t produced fruity and double fruity series in BOX anymore and in 50ml. We have been reproduced by using ALUMINIUM TIN BOX and in 60 ml

2. Price Slashed

Fake Nasty bottle has lowered
price than the original bottle.

3. Liquid Volume Produced By Nasty

We don’t produced
100ml, 120ml, 30ml.

We only produced
60ml, 30ml (Malaysia) & 10ml

4. 60 ml Chubby Gorilla bottle


Chubby Gorilla’s logo engraved under the bottle.

Nasty’s font engraved on the bottle caps.


No logo engraved under the bottle.

No Nasty’s font engraved on the bottle caps.

5. 60ml Aluminium bottle


NSTY font’s logo engraved under the bottle

NSTY font’s logo engraved beside the bottle


No NSTY font’s logo engraved under the bottle

No NSTY font’s logo engraved beside the bottle.

QR Code Scan

Besides from identify the shape and character of the product. We also provide a QR CODE on each nasty product that aims to provide a maxium protection to all nasty user. QR code is the last step to ensure the authenticity of the product. Smart user will certainly in particular about using QR code . Therefore , this is the steps to use QR code

1. Download any QR Code reader apps.

2. Gently scratch for
QR Code.

3. Scan the QR CODE and tap the link.

4. If product is
authenthic, system
will congratulate you.

5. If QR code scanned more than once, a warning will be displayed.

6. If QR code is invalid, system will detect the product is fake.

4. Fill your details and
click check.

5. If product is
authenthic, system
will congratulate you.

6. If QR code is invalid, system will detect the product is fake.

Why should buy Nasty original?

When mentioning about the authentic of a product, do not see the product from its price but also take a look on other advantage and benefits that will gain trust on user in term of safety and quality. Here are the reason why you should buy a genuine product.

Certificate Compliant

We got our product checked by TPD. The Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) is an updated version of an EU directive. The main goal of these regulations is to promote product safety and to make consumers aware that they are purchasing products that contain nicotine.

FDA is responsible for 
• Protecting the public health by assuring that foods (except for meat from livestock, poultry and some egg products which are regulated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture) are safe, wholesome, sanitary and properly labelled; ensuring that human and veterinary drugs, and vaccines and other biological products and medical devices intended for human use are safe and effective 
• Protecting the public from electronic product radiation 
• Assuring cosmetics and dietary supplements are safe and properly labelled 
• Regulating tobacco products 
• Advancing the public health by helping to speed product innovations

A good manufacturing practice (GMP) is one that conforms to the guidelines set by the regulatory agencies that control authorization and licensing for the production and sale of food, beverages and active pharmaceutical products.

One of the standards developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The
purpose of this family of standards is to increase customer satisfaction through the deliverance of
quality products and services.

Award & Achievement

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